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A Story Before Bed

September 19, 2011

While the media’s interest in our military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan has waned, thousands upon thousands of Americans continue to be deployed to the Middle East (and other locations) to serve their country. A significant percentage of these service members are parents who are deployed (often repeatedly) spending months away from their young children…. Read more »


A DonorsChoose update, focusing on military families

August 10, 2011 supports school classrooms with a kind of micro-finance. If a teacher needs funding for classroom projects, he or she can post the project on DonorsChoose, and people can fund it with small contributions and get it done. In many cases, a project is like "get enough pens and paper" if the school district is… Read more »


How Can Society Best Help Veterans?

July 31, 2011

Society today often thinks about how it can help veterans; well-meaning citizens ponder whether they should buy that young man in the Marine Corps shirt a beer, and time and again charities believe that simply giving things away will improve the lives of our warriors coming home. It is hard to criticize this mentality—certainly any… Read more »


Warrior Gateway

July 13, 2011

Guest Post: Devin B. HolmesIn today’s world, we use high tech solutions and the power of other people’s opinions, insights and experiences to make decisions. The same way we look to Yelp to help us find where to go to dinner, Rotten Tomatoes to help us decide what movie to see or Trip Advisor on… Read more »


Promoting The Idea of Vetrepreneurship

July 8, 2011

Back in civilian life, the best way for many veterans to keep serving is to build new businesses. They bring plenty to the table – maturity, discipline, skills. But, as entrepreneurs, they face challenges their service may not have prepared them for. That’s where mentoring comes in: mentoring by fellow vets who know what it’s… Read more »


Bill and Warren Day, business as a force for change

June 9, 2011

Hey, people in businesses are getting serious about making the world better, in more effective ways. One next step is Bill and Warren Day. Here's the deal: The date isn't a random one.  It's the anniversary of the day in 2006 when billionaire Warren Buffett announced that he would give his vast fortune to charity,… Read more »