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Note to journalists: Please contact about stories related to craigslist. Craig has had no involvement in managing craigslist since 2000, and is not a spokesperson for the company.

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List of organizations that are doing good things, and that Craig is actively involved with.

[Fun Craig Facts]

1. Craig’s hobbies include bird-watching, or at least watching the birds that conveniently visit him at his home office.

Hummingbird, Anna 2

2. Forty years ago Craig had a “wall of hair.” Now he wears a hat. But it’s NOT a beret.

Photo credit: Peter Vidor at

3. Craig never met a squirrel he didn’t like.

4. On Craig’s Facebook page, there is a photo of him with Hillary Clinton. Craig is the one on the left.

5. About 200 billion tweets are sent every year. Many of them by @craignewmark.

6. In 2013 Craig was named “Nerd-in-Residence” by the Dept of Veterans Affairs’ Center for Innovation in recognition of his volunteer work.

7. Craig has heard the word “vacation” used, but he isn’t really sure what it means.

8. The website Craig created – craigslist – has seen over 5 billion ads posted, the vast majority of them free.

9. Craig says he isn’t as funny as he thinks he is, but most people think he’s wrong.

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