Annie Leibovitz, DonorsChoose, and Myself walked into a school…

Hey folks, I went to NYC a few months back for a Vanity Fair photo shoot with staff, board members, and advisers. All photos were taken by Annie Leibovitz.

craig & annie

The photo shoot took place at P.S. 33 in NYC. Featured are board members and advisers Timothy Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek; Livia Stone and Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder; Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit; Charles Best, founder and C.E.O. of; Stephen Colbert, host of The Colbert Report; Desirée Rogers, C.E.O. of Johnson Publishing; Anil Dash, blogger and founding partner of Activate; Theresia Gouw, partner at Accel; and myself. Though, somebody who feels I’m a celebrity may need to get out more often.

Vanity Fair photo shoot with Photo Credit: Annie Leibovitz
Vanity Fair photo shoot with Photo Credit: Annie Leibovitz

Yes, I’m repeating myself but I’m on the board for, and I’m currently giving $10k to match half the cost of projects with the keyword “military” if someone like you provides the remainder. If you’re able, please help make some matches with the Double Your Impact Offer.

My favorite picture from the shoot is that of Goofy Uncle Craig:

donorschoose uncle craig


Here’s one of my mom reading the article in Vanity Fair after I gave her a copy:

my mom reading Vanity Fair


You can read the whole Vanity Fair article here, and please remember to give to military projects via DonorsChoose if you’re able.


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Help me give back to military families via

Okay, teachers in a lot of schools never get a break, and that’s often true in schools that serve military families.

Remember that the families of active service troops also serve when troops are deployed.

A really good way to give teachers and military families a break is via They’re a great example of how we all use the Net to help each other out, by pooling a few dollars to give people a break. DonorsChoose is something I can understand. It’s like microfinance applied to classroom projects; we all can contribute a little to fund a classroom projects. Teachers are under-appreciated and underpaid, and if we all work together, we can help them out.

As many of you know, I work closely with lots of orgs who support vets and military families. I teamed up with DonorsChoose to sponsor a Double Your Impact Offer. I’m giving $10k to match half the cost of projects with the keyword “military” if someone like you provides the remainder. This offer’s for projects geared toward grades 6-12 and with a total cost of $800 or less.

There’re a lot of underfunded school districts out there, and it’s real unfair for teachers to fund stuff from their own (inadequate) salaries. This match will remain on until the funds are fully matched, or for one calendar year from today. After just 24-hours of being live, 5 projects and counting have already been met with my match

After I introduced Stephen Colbert to DonorsChoose, he began to focus on milfams, and I tried a similar effort later, but it didn’t persist.  However, I’m talking with people in milfam groups and the DoD about creating a program that’ll keep on helping. And am working on this matching campaign with DonorsChoose right now.

craig newmark & stephen colbert
photo credit: the future Mrs Newmark

Here’s a video about why DonorsChoose works with Internet people, like myself:


Speaking of Colbert, he and I did some stuff for DonorsChoose with Vanity Fair and Annie Leibovitz that’ll be released online soon. I can’t let the squirrel out of the bag yet, so more to come…

In the meantime, if you’re able, I’d really appreciate it if you can give to the military family projects on I figure if they’re willing to give so much for our country, this is just my small way of saying thank you. A nerd’s gotta do…


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